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Import plywood from China

Christian Zhang from Great China at Global Plywood Biz Co.,Ltd.


China has been a major plywood producer in the world since the year 2000. Being sold to more than 100 countries in the world, Chinese plywood has been the top choice for non-structural plywood and decorative plywood.

Everything About Chinese Plywood

Plywood Industry in China
Chinese Plywood Price
Chinese Hardwood Plywood
Plywood From China Problems
Importing Plywood from China to U.S.
Importing Plywood from China to India
Plywood Import Process & Duty
Plywood HS Code

1. Plywood Industry in China

Plywood Industry in China
Chinese modern plywood industry started in 1993 with the first plywood factory near Shanghai city.

After 30 years of development, China now has the largest number of plywood mills in the world. Approximate 15200 plywood factories are operating in China as of 2020, according to an investigation of CNFPIA.

Plywood Production Hubs
The two biggest production city of Chinese plywood is Linyi and Pizhou. The two cities is located in Eastern China. Below is the plywood production capacity ranking of different provinces in China as of 2020.

Chinese Plywood Types
Factories in China are producing:

hardwood faced plywood
softwood plywood
melamine boards
formwork plywood
decor plywood
packaging plywood
container flooring plywood
engineered flooring

Advantage of Chinese Plywood Industry

China doesn’t have the cheapest labour nor the best technology nor cheapest timbers. But why it can be the worldwide hub of plywood? Because the most complete supply chain is available there. It is the largest producer of formaldehyde, which is a key element of adhesive.

China is the largest importer of tropical timber logs and veneers. Plywood factories can buy cheap hardwood veneers from local veneer mills. Poplar tree, a local plantation softwood, is the cheapest veneer available for making plywood. All this makes China the perfect place to produce cheap price wood panels.

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